Who the What?

Think Bottom Up is a Software Consultancy and Independent Software Vendor based in Perth, Western Australia. The company was formed in 2008 by experienced Software Engineers with expertise spanning a wide range of technical and managerial areas, some of which are listed below.



Our staff have worked successfully in management and leadership roles, including

  • Team Leads for technical groups
  • Software Development Manager
  • Technical Director for an ISV

Our management and leadership skills are applied to all Think Bottom Up projects to ensure a positive outcome for our clients.

Application Development

Think Bottom Up covers the entire Software Development Life Cycle. We have the ability to take your concept to production and beyond. We have application development experience in a number of domains, including:

  • Spatial and geospatial data management
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Scientific visualisation
  • Computer graphics
  • Version control systems
  • Systems for collaboration
  • Data driven web based applications

System Development and Technical Skills

The software engineers at Think Bottom Up are all highly capable. The aggregate experience of our team is impressive. We believe there to be real value in the way the team applies itself to technical problems. Our software development methodology minimises risk and promotes high quality, flexible systems. The teams experience includes:

  • Extensive experience in C++ Systems Programming
  • Significant .NET (C#, C++) experience, including .NET 3.5 technologies such as XAML and WPF
  • Python Scripting, including embedding and extending the Python runtime
  • SQL and relational modelling
  • Object oriented database development
  • Intensive OpenGL 3D applications
  • Low level programming - device drivers and interfacing with hardware
  • Development under Microsoft Windows, IRIX, Solaris, Linux
  • Web Application Development

Technology Partnership

Think Bottom Up has access to some cutting edge technology that can provide our clients with unique capabilities including:

  • Small and large scale interactive collaboration
  • Version control of your data
  • Rock-solid and lightning fast object oriented data management
  • Enterprise scale, fault tolerant and massively distributed data management systems