Serial Killer

Serial Killer is a high performance, robust, transactional data store. Data is represented as byte streams (or blobs) and fits naturally with any application that streams data to disk. The Serial Killer data store can be used in a variety of situations, from storing application data (ie, documents, user preferences) to a backend for a serious server application.

  • C++ interface
  • .NET bindings
  • Examples demonstrating use with the .NET serialisation framework
  • Ability to "tune" for specific hardware
  • Very high transaction throughput
  • Excellent write performance
  • Transactional data storage
  • Recovery scan (roll forward) after non-graceful shutdown
  • Automatic cleaning ensures disk space is well utilised
  • Supports concurrent access by multiple threads
  • Transaction logging feature facilitates live backup of data

Please contact us for more information and commercial licensing terms.