Think Bottom Up project selected for assistance by iVEC

Think Bottom Up is pleased to announce that our project to investigate GPU Accelerated Fingerprint Matching has been selected for first-phase assistance by iVEC through their Small Business Assistance Scheme. The project is being undertaken in collaboration with researchers from the University of Bologna's Biometric Systems Laboratory and our commercial partner The Jazzmatrix Corporation.

The project aims to develop a high performance Automated Fingerprint Matching System (AFIS) using Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to accelerate the fingerprint matching function. It is anticipated that this approach will provide a significant performance increase over existing CPU based products and provide benefits such as a reduction of the number of servers required in a typical AFIS cluster.

This project leverages Think Bottom Up's expertise in high performance computing, distributed computing, parallel processing and GPU programming.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our project partners and iVEC for their support of this exciting research project.

For more information, please contact us.