Thinking about thinking bottom up?

Think Bottom Up is a software development business dedicated to building high quality software through reuse of components that are designed from the bottom up. Quite simply, we think bottom up.

Our focus is on providing cost-effective, innovative and timely solutions to real-world software problems. With our capable team of software professionals, we help our clients to assess, design, manage and implement robust and extensible systems. Covering all phases of the software development lifecycle, we will work closely with you to implement your vision, taking your concept into production and beyond.

We have extensive experience in the development of software and management of software projects across a wide range of domains, including

  • Distributed database development, specialising in multi-master databases built using Operational Transformation;
  • Large Scale Data Processing in Radio Astronomy for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Project, which will build the largest radio telescope in the world;
  • Exploration and Mining, where we have provided systems for 3D spatial data management and visualisation;
  • Surgery Management software for the Medical Industry;
  • Workflow Processing, for both user-driven interactive workflows and automated workflow processing;
  • Integrated Transit Systems and Automated Fare Collection Systems;
  • Enterprise-wide collaboration environments, which allow vast numbers of users to edit documents simultaneously, even while off-line, and merge changes automatically;
  • Web Services and web-based (thin-client) applications;
  • Computer Vision systems for measurement, identification, production and quality control;
  • Production management, data acquisition and data analysis systems, requiring integration with hardware devices and third party systems;
  • Security and encryption, including integrating hardware security such as enterprise HSMs and smart cards;
  • Immersive Virtual Reality Environments, combining physics simulation, 3D animation and force feedback technologies; and
  • Research and Development, from feasibility studies and prototyping through to commercialisation of technology.

Development Partnerships

Think Bottom Up is a member of the following development partner programs:

  • International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research Industry Partner
  • NVidia GPU Development Partner
  • Microsoft BizSpark Partner
  • Microsoft Development Partner