Deja Vu

Software Development Faux Pas: Design by Deja Vu

Software design and implementation is still very much an art. This is not surprising when you consider that mankind, with the exception of a few individuals like Charles Babbage, has only been writing software for about 70 years. That, however, does not excuse some of the faux pas made in the name of "Software Development".

Design by Deja Vu

Imagine, if you will, that you are writing some code one day and you think, "Hey, I've done something like this before." You search through the code base and you find another instance of the "same sort of thing". You feel that this is an opportunity for reuse, so you strip out the common code and put it into some utility library so it can be reused in both places. I call this Design by Deja Vu and although it may be done with the best of intentions, I think that it is very, very bad.

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